iSGL3D contains a rich set of features allowing you to create stunning 3D applications.

Simplicity with performance

Construction of complex 3D scenes couldn't be simpler! You don't need to be an expert in computer graphics to create exactly what you want in just a few lines of code. Construct a 3D object, give it a material, position it in the scene or relative to another object... iSGL3D is designed so that you type what you think.

It's just as easy to perform transformations on the objects in the scene. Intuitive methods allow you position, rotate and scale all objects. You can also modify the transparency of the object, indicate whether lighting has an effect on it, specify whether you want it to cast shadows, etc all in single lines of code.

iSGL3D includes a rapid maths library for vector and matrix operations that are hardware accelerated whenever possible. These allow you to modify the transformations of the objects directly or relative to each other. The underlying hardware accelerated graphics ensures that the scene is rendered as quickly as possible.