Meet iSGL3D

iSGL3D (iOS Scene Graph Library) is a 3D framework for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch written in Objective-C, enabling the creativity of developers to flourish in a 3D world without the complexities of OpenGL.

With its rich set of features, iSGL3D provides the necessary tools to develop 3D applications in an incredibly short time frame, even with a minimum of experience in 3D graphics.

Latest news

Future of iSGL3D : looking for contributers !

17 November 2011

iSGL3D is currently looking for motivated contributers ! This can be for the development of the core of the framework, help with shaders, implementing new features, documentation, tutorials, etc... if you're at all interested then please get in touch !


iSapper : The first game to bridge iSGL3D and Cocos2D

20 August 2011

iSapper, a 3D version of the classic Minesweeper game, has just been released on the App Store. This game is the first to use the iSGL3D-Cocos2D bridge included in the iSGL3D download.


Project MOS, built with iSGL3D, available on App Store

3 July 2011

The first game based on the iSGL3D framework has been released on the App Store : Project MOS.